Pre-Painting Drywall Repair in Northern VA

Pre-Painting Drywall Repair in Northern VA

Monday, February 24, 2020

Do you live in Northern VA and have a painting project on your list for 2020? If so, you may not be considering all of the prep that goes into painting, including drywall repair. At a minimum, you should be filling all the little holes in your walls from the beautiful art and pictures you hang up.

But, drywall repair can be much more than a few holes in the wall, and it is something you want to make sure is repaired before you paint.

From a strictly visual perspective, you don’t want to paint over holes and cracks as this will result in a pretty poor final product. Imagine choosing a color that accentuates every crack.

From a structural standpoint, it is important that your drywall is intact and in one piece. Drywall protects your house from various things, including unwanted insects and critters.

There are several different types of problems your drywall can undergo through its life.One of the most obvious is a hole or multiple holes. These can come from something as simple as hanging a picture, or something more catastrophic like a shelf that fell down.

Another common problem is water damage. This can occur when the wall (or ceiling) gets any amount of water in it. We see this a lot when a bathroom floods; the resulting water damage appears on the ceiling. Before repairing any water damage, we have to make sure the cause is stopped and fixed. Otherwise you may face the same problem in the future.

Two additional issues we see at Solution Painting are hairline cracks and loose tape. Hairline cracks tend to show up in inside corners of walls while loose tape would appear as bubbles in the wall.

All of these are problems that should be fixed, specifically before doing a painting project. Reach out to Solution Painting today to discuss drywall repair and painting packages.

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